GALENTINE’S DAY IS HERE! We are so excited to celebrate this amazing holiday! If you have watched Parks and Rec then you know what Galentine's Day is, but for those of you missing out (on possibly the best holiday of the year) let us help you learn!


What is it? Galentine’s Day is a day to celebrate your lady friendships! It is a time to go out with your girls who have always been there for you and celebrate in awesome women power! Because relationships are messy and sometimes valentine's day is more like a #nationalsingleawareness day for you. So Galentine's day comes to the rescue so you can focus on your girlfriends and celebrate just how amazing your friends are to you!

When is it? February 13 is the official day of Galentine's day but we here at Woven Pear like to celebrate this holiday as often as we possibly can!

How do I throw a Galentine’s Day Party? The Galentine's Day how-to is pretty simple. There are a couple of options! You can go Leslie Knope style and throw a party at a restaurant for lunch! Or you can go all out and have a full girls night at your house or on the town (#treatyoself). Celebrate with lots of love and have all of your favorite treats! It is your Galentine’s Day, do it how you want!

What do I wear? The only real requirement is that you wear a shade of pink to your liking just like Leslie Knope, we want to celebrate each other and the awesome lady friendships you share! Because you are so happy with all the friendships you can all wear matching pink outfits, right down to the socks! Woven Pear has some great options like these True Love Socks, or check out our January Sock box! Woven Pear can help you when it comes to finding socks to fall in love with this Galentine’s Day!

You are Ready!! Now that you know about the amazing holiday, go ahead and celebrate Galentine’s Day with your closest girlfriends because you know how amazing they are! Show them how much you love them!