Earth laughs in flowers. 
          “Mine and yours; 
          Mine, not yours. 
          Earth endures; 
          Stars abide— 
          Shine down in the old sea; 
          Old are the shores; 
          But where are old men? 
          I who have seen much, 
          Such have I never seen. 
          “The lawyer’s deed 
          Ran sure, 
          In tail, 
          To them and to their heirs 
          Who shall succeed, 
          Without fail, 
          “Here is the land, 
          Shaggy with wood, 
          With its old valley, 
          Mound and flood. 
          But the heritors?— 
          Fled like the flood's foam. 
          The lawyer and the laws, 
          And the kingdom, 
          Clean swept herefrom. 
          “They called me theirs, 
          Who so controlled me; 
          Yet every one 
          Wished to stay, and is gone, 
          How am I theirs, 
          If they cannot hold me, 
          But I hold them?” 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Each pair of socks is made with high quality woven cotton that feels soft and luxurious and features extra padding in the toes and heels to make your feet extra happy.

Words on Feet: 

  • Earth Laughs in Flowers


  • 58% woven cotton, 22% nylon, 16% polyester, 4% spandex
  • Machine wash warm. Do not iron. Lay flat to dry.
  • Seamless Toe


  • USA Women's 6-12
  • Ankle Length

Only The Best

Our socks use the highest grade woven cotton to keep your feet soft and warm while maintaining breathability.

We designed our socks with extra padding in the heel and toe for added comfort and support.

We design each sock to be incredibly fun and bring a smile to all that see and wear them.

Our hand-dyed socks are dipped and twisted making each sock an original creation.

Our socks have been carefully designed to fit most Women's feet. USA Women's sizes 6-12 comfortably.


What We Stand For

A cheerful women’s sock brand that combines high-quality woven cotton with fresh designs. Hand-dyed and hand-dipped to ensure a unique pop of color, our luxurious socks will add spring to your step! Woven Pear empowers women to put their best foot forward.

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