It’s ok, your secret is safe with us. We know you desperately want a pair of cat socks and truly, we don’t blame you. In fact, we’ve created a line of socks dedicated strictly to our frisky feline friends. But instead of simply designing this showstopping collection of cat socks and leaving it at that, we thought we’d do a little digging and learn more about these lean, mean mice-killing machines and what the buzz is really all about.

The Rise of the Felines

According to the 2016 American Pet Products Association, there are approximately 42.9 million homes in the United States that owned at least one cat right meow; that’s 6.8 million more cat-owning homes than in 2012. Generally speaking, there are currently about 86 million pet cats in the US, which breaks down to just about two cats per cat-owning household.

Not only are our four-legged friends slowly making their way into more and more homes across the country, but they are also gracing the face of the Internet meow more than ever. There are over 2 million different cat videos posted on YouTube with a remarkable 24.6 billion views between them, earning each cat video just about 12,000 views each. So whether you want to watch a clip of a kitty springing out and ninja-kicking a little kid mid-run, a kitten leaping into a closed glass door, an old feline singing Christmas carols, or anything else your cat-crazy mind can dig up, there’s likely a video somewhere on the vast world of the web that can suit your needs.

Moreover, recent studies have shown that watching cat videos can actually have a positive impact on viewers’ happiness and energy levels, especially if they currently own or have owned a cat. With social media being such a centered source of entertainment these days, chances are this uptick in cat videos and other relevant cat trends is one of the leading reasons people are so jazzed to talk about cat socks.

Think about it; if you’re a cat fan or an avid cat video-watcher and you saw someone wearing a pair of cat socks, what are the chances those socks would spark a memory of something that happened with your cat or a funny moment on a recent kitty vid? They are probably pretty high.

So why not be the conversation starter yourself and spread the love of cats one step at a time by getting your own unique pair of comfortable, cute, and amusing Black Cat or Copy Cat socks from Woven Pear, today. Remember, be the paw-sitive change you wish to see in the world!