On good days and bad, you can always count on one constant—the love of your pet. Come rain or shine, your pet is always there for you. This winter, don’t forget to reciprocate that love. Don’t let your precious pet shiver and freeze; keep them warm with a pair of cozy socks.

Cat Socks

Winter can be tough on a furry feline. Sure, cats are supposed to always land on their feet, but how are they supposed to pull that off if their little paws are frozen from the cold? Protect your feline friend with comfortable socks on each of their feet. If it’s a particularly cold night, you might want to break out the old tube socks for your cat’s tail as well.

Your cat might experience a little bit of difficulty learning how to walk with socks at first. Don’t fret; this is normal. Just make sure to have your camera phone ready.

You can also match your cat with some of our very own cat socks with our Copy Cat socks. So you and your feline friend can both be warm and happy this winter!

Dog Socks

A dog wearing socks while a boy is on his back

Is there anything cuter than a sweet dog? Yes—a sweet dog in adorable socks. Surely (wo)man’s best friend deserves the coziest footwear. Not only will your precious pup stay cozy and warm this winter, but your Instagram feed will be on fire as you post unbelievably adorable pictures (and hilarious videos of your dog sliding across your hard floors).

Don’t leave your puppy out in the cold, and don’t deny your followers the joy that can only come from pictures of dogs wearing clothes. Order a pair of socks for your pup ASAP.

Hedgehog Socks

Don’t forget extra strength socks for your extra pokey pal. Those tiny feet need tiny socks for warmth and protection from the cold weather. Remember, if a hedgehog gets too cold, many species will hibernate for the winter. Can you bear to give up that much playtime with your spiny pal?

Remember, your hedgehog might be nervous at first if they’ve never worn socks before, so proceed with caution unless you want a sharp reminder to be careful next time.

Fox Socks

fox in socks by dr. suess

Take a page out of  Dr. Suess’ book. When the cold weather knocks, get your fox some socks. Try saying that five times fast. Don’t simply rely on a bushy tail to keep your pet fox warm; invest in some fluffy fox socks.

Not only will your precious pet stay warm all winter, you may also start a trend of fashionable fox wear. Who knows? With the right pair, you might single-footedly change the phrase sly as a fox into fly as a fox.

If you don’t have a fox as a pet to put socks on, don’t fret you can get your own socks featuring fox!

Flamingo Socks

While your flirty flamingo might feel right at home with you, don’t forget flamingos are native to tropical and subtropical climates. They simply weren’t built to withstand harsh winter weather. As a matter of fact, they weren’t built to withstand even mild winter weather.

As the air starts to crisp, show some love to your fine-feathered-friend with cozy and comfortable socks. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you could even tailor the socks to better fit webbed feet.

Bison Socks

If your home is where the buffalo roam, make sure they roam in comfort. Yes, bison are covered in fur; however, their hooves are left out in the cold. Sturdy socks will do wonders for keeping your beloved bison’s hooves warm all winter long.

Giraffe Socks

Aren’t the best gifts in life something you’d never get yourself? For giraffes, that gift is socks. Giraffes are too lanky to ever put on socks without some help, and they simply lack the funds, communication skills, and opposable thumbs needed to buy socks on their own. 

Your giraffe would definitely enjoy adding a little extra comfort and warmth to her step. Show your gentle giant how much you care. Order a pair of extra long socks, and watch your four-legged friend stand tall and proud with their new, fashionable footwear.

Narwhal SocksNarwhal socks

Of course, your narwhal’s blubber serves as insulation, but when your sweet pet is swimming in the arctic-level cold water, socks could be a welcome change. With a little dedication (and a lot of stretching) you can slip socks over your sweet narwhal’s tail and send them swimming happily (and comfortably) along.

While your pets are getting warm you can look cool with Woven Pear’s party animal socks. No matter how wild or crazy your pet, Woven Pear has socks to match. Embrace your wild side with Woven Pear socks today.